Do you still have me in your heart

No matter the wind or rain/No matter how cold the network is/My heart has already planted you deeply/I ask the rain and I ask the wind/I am in your dream/I ask the rain and I ask the wind/I also in your study, gao ‘an’s mid-bass with vicissitudes has been circulating and permeating single songs, and my heart also drifted to the distance with this song.

That afternoon, the sunshine was always bright, and the wind touched everything softly. The text message was even long-lasting affection: Dear, I have a meeting in the afternoon and can’t surf the Internet. Well, have a meeting. Remember to call me when it is convenient. I am worried that you will not be allowed to come out of the meeting. Brother, I have set the authority for me. But in the evening, how could it change at once? You categorically suspended all contacts with each other and deleted all the letters and words about you in my mailbox. In an instant, dark clouds are gathering against the wind. My heart is so cold and cold. A kind of lonely infarction with speechless expression is deep in my throat. Dear, two years of love, is that it? If all the written records in the emotional process of you and me are deleted, will there be no more traces? Will memories and thoughts be erased? It is impossible for me to think anything, unless you and I don’t really love each other! Haven’t you known me for two years? Still doubting that you are not my only one? Dear, do you know? In the days without you, my normal life and work have been completely disrupted, and accidents have occurred one after another. I have made many mistakes in my work. In the days without you, I miss the sweetness of yesterday more and more. As soon as I have time, I will wander around all the corners of the space, looking for the remaining whispers and gossips to comfort me. In the days without you, you still go to the literature website you often go to every day to see if you have published any new works. Your new works are still required for every article, Download and save it as a treasure to pin my missing for you. In the days without you, you are still used to walking into your space every day, feeling your breath and smelling your fragrance. Your happy smile has been circulating and fluctuating in my lonely heart lake, causing waves and scenes to recall. I really want to turn on the computer for the first time in the morning and still send you an intimate call and greeting. I really want to wait for each other at the same time, reappearing the talk on the screen, and shuttling through each other in joy and intoxicated. Now, all this has become a luxury and a bubble. I am flying in the sky of love. My wings are broken and I can only perch on LOVESICKNESS TREE to look at you.

Q calls again and again, no response again and again, your QQ avatar is always dim to me. Clearly know that you are invisible online, clearly know that you are still watching me. But I couldn’t find an entry point to break the silence and melt the frozen lake. Now I can’t talk with you kindly, I can only enter your space and experience listening to your voice attentively. Once the continuous affection ran aground, and once the mutual care withered under the attack of a cold wave. The topics that had never been talked about were now speechless. The hourglass of love is gradually losing under endless waiting, and the tree of love growing in the heart is withered and deserted.

Dear, do you know? When you drifted into my heart, the love planted had already taken root and sprouted into trees. Do you remember? You and I used to tap the keyboard happily every night and everyday to pour out the attachment in our hearts; We also swam happily in words, enjoying warmth and experiencing love. Heart and heart are interwoven, sharing happiness and depression, and looking forward to the brilliance of tomorrow together. Light calm, light thoughts, light happiness, generate wisps of fragrance. Murmuring, smiling one by one, getting the message again and again, splashing the waves of love between the two fingers. Nowadays, the heart is deserted, the fragrance is no longer, the Deadwood is defeated, and the eyes are full of depression. Depressed, heavy pressure on the heart; Heart, broken, cold, but don’t want to freeze, still looking forward to the dry wood Fengchun. I don’t believe it. My trembling lips asked myself countless times: Do you still have me in your heart? You said that each other has love, care, and bitter and astringent thoughts. Thinking of you is my daily homework, reading you is my constant feeling, and I am willing to be drunk in your arms forever, no longer wake up, this life is only willing to laugh with the king, this life is only willing to get drunk with the king, this life is only willing to walk with the King. This words have already been engraved in the heart, and the nicks are still clear.

Waiting, looking through endless autumn water, still stubbornly holding on; Waiting, exhausted and bruised all over. Wait, taste the bitterness of loneliness, the bitterness of missing, and endure the suffering of time. Perhaps, some people think that I am stupid to do so. Yes, stupid enough not to fall in love with you; Stupid enough to love your love into your heart. Personally, no? This heart that loves you will never change! Year by year, year by year, year by year, my heart is still the same as that minute and second on that year the month. It has become a sweet and comfortable aftertaste and the best medicine for healing.

I said to myself again and again that I must think about it and see it; However, I still can’t let it go. It also missed the dry time, causing a pool of worries, the fog locked the eyebrows, and the sadness was thousands of miles. In fact, it was so fragile to pretend to be strong in front of everyone. I often comfort others to be able to afford it, but I can’t learn it myself! I often encourage others to take a rest when they are tired, and let go when they are painful; However, I still can’t let go when I am tired or painful. Why am I not firm enough? If you are firm enough, you will not be valued too much; If you are firm enough, there should be no beginning; If you are firm enough, leave and don’t chase. I, can’t do it! The endless care, the pain and sadness that can’t be waved, tied up the strange meridians, forced the five dirty and soft internal organs to become gray.

Once, Love had made my dream colorful. All the things with buds opened slowly under the moisture of love. The heart of love is hidden, bright and dark. You said that your heart already belonged to me, why did you leave me so quickly? You said that you wouldn’t put me down. Why did you let me look forward to it alone in loss? Looking forward to the intoxicating fragrance, looking forward to holding you in my arms again, round my constant lovesickness.

Dear, the love and hate you planted still flows in the long river of memory. Your Heart-moving words curl around your heart for a long time. I often look up and ask God, are you happy today, relaxed and happy like blue sky and white clouds? Do you have new feelings and worries today, and a new work is generated in the brewing? Can you put the beautiful figure in the space today and let me appreciate your beauty again? When can you forget the unpleasant past and re-bind your feelings and mine? Whether it is destined to be robbed and suffered, can it be achieved?

The empty heart of love is brilliant because of your existence; The empty heart of love is deeply foggy because of your departure. The pain came, and no one told it; The bottom of my heart was like Vine intertwined. In desperation, I can only look at the silver screen and knock on the keyboard, and send my lovesickness to you in tapping, hoping to reproduce the previous scene.

I no longer pray to hold hands and go to that romantic journey. Only a glimpse of love is enough to comfort me. I also think that when you are tired and lonely, I will hold you in my arms and give you a warm haven to immerse you in melodious emotions. I am still looking forward to the trickle of streams, reflecting your beautiful shadow and your sweet call. Eternal thoughts, love, hard, impossible for the county.

Dancing does not move lonely sorrow, can not sing lovesickness love song, Love You is pain, do not love more pain. Dear, can we meet again tomorrow? Let my wandering thoughts come ashore and pick up the past love again. Dear, can my heart sound touch your heartstrings? Let the qinse meet and play the melody of the past. Heart, already unable to carry too much sorrow; Missing, wandering. Expectation, persistent expectation, you, open the door of love for me again.

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