There is always a cloud that knows I miss you

It seems that I have never run to the playground alone in the Meteor night again, wishing you all the best. Then I will look at the quiet sky in a corner of the playground and imagine that you are beside me.

At night, the City radio station where you live has a program with high audience rating, and the ten or five minutes before the end of the program is a song-lighting session. Every night I came back from the classroom study in a hurry, and I borrowed a mobile phone hanging earrings from my friend in a hurry. My friend was very upset, so I prevaricated with an excuse and said, pass a song. Then a mobile phone listens to the radio station, and a mobile phone struggles in the music hotline of the program. After calculating the probability, a phone call will be made every nine days on average. On the night when I called, I would sing a song for the sisters in the dormitory in a good mood.

The first and last time I went to your city was early summer, wearing a T-shirt and jeans, a wallet, a map and a thin coat. But I didn’t go to you, just went to the place where you posted pictures on Weibo. You said that you would go to a bookstore that has several buses to transfer from your home and buy a book on weekends. Where I was at that time, I could go to that bookstore with only one bus, but I took several buses to go to your neighborhood, then from there, take the bus that you will take every weekend and go to the bookstore.

Find an unnamed cloud

On Valentine’s Day, I specially wrote a long email. I checked some idioms with strong love and added them intentionally or unintentionally. I am very satisfied to read this letter with your usual expression several times back and forth, and then happily exist in the draft box. When your mailbox is canceled one day, I will send it out again.

I remember that you like playing basketball very much. The only time I saw you playing basketball was that when you went to play basketball for our class, you went there as a cheerleading team in the class. I didn’t fall in love with you at that time. When watching you play basketball, I won’t lose oxygen. But after you left, no matter how many class matches you played in the class, I never saw it again. Now that I think about it, I feel vague about you playing basketball, but when I think about it, I don’t know why, I will lack oxygen.

In sunny days, I will raise my head and tell the sky. I miss you very much, and I don’t know if you hear it. Anyway, the Sky smiled at me, so I think you must have heard it, because cloud told me so.

There is always a cloud that knows

You couldn’t be present at the party that year. You just asked your good friend to take a message saying that you were busy. It’s a pity that you had a good time. After hearing this, I didn’t respond much, as if I had known you wouldn’t come. All I know is that at that party, many male classmates praised me for my beautiful dress.

Later, it seems that I haven’t met each other, and then I heard that you are getting married.

Later, I still miss you.

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