Pure white affection, at that time, it was full of sunshine and rain

[1] pure white affection

Open the diary of the years, and the eyes are melted by the tide. In Qingwan bright time, I murmured the sour, sweet, bitter and spicy days. Restore the memory, the Green Mountain is still the same, the green water is still the same, the time of staying in that time is like a quiet zen heart, lying in the white clouds, showing a kind of purity and innocence, pure and beautiful, wonderful everywhere.

The lips of time blow a stream of water. Nestled in the pure affection, returned to yesterday’s dream, lonely blossom.

Yesterday, how long it was, like the Blue Danube. I leaned against the Xuan window and stared at the fragrance of flowers from a tree. The window sill covered with petals has a wisp of fragrance, which is long and long. It has long memories, Moonlight and Rain lanes.

A petal jumped onto my eyelashes bravely, just to test the temperature I miss.

Open ICE CLEAR of the time, backtracking. On that year the month, the clouds were light and the wind was light, there were poems, songs, wind, rain, dreams, and warm feelings such as charming time poured in.

A love, a paradise with a round of fingertips, is shining in my smile. My smile blossomed for One Thousand and One Nights and quietly entered my poetry.

The poems growing on one of my Chinese hair, like the bamboo charcoal of thousands of years, are clean, refreshing and refreshing, and have a long life.

I cut a poem into paragraphs, engraved on this life and the next life, the past and the future, which is the distance that someone keeps trekking!

The encounter, the period of keeping together, committed to the branches of the years, read the spring and summer winter and autumn.

Once the most beautiful. Therefore, I wrote a name on my wet Palm, slim lovesickness and full memory.

[2] At that time

At that time, we used each other’s eyes to brew a jar of apricot wine. The mountain is your handsome and magnificent shore, and the water is my gentle and gentle. My figure and smile are just for you. Your words and feelings are amazing poems to me. Looking forward to the eyes, full of surprises and love.

At that time, we walked through Qingxi, which was full of flowers and plants. We lingered Tinglan of the water, wandering the mountains and fields of purple flowers, overlooking the grassland where sheep were like clouds, and listening to the waves and snowstorms, touch the world away from the sky. At that time, you were in heaven for me. I am, for you, is watching.

At that time, we held a bucket of dew, spent a quiet time, climbed up the wall piled up by the East fence, eager for a quiet, advocating a indifferent.

At that time, I was hopelessly obsessed with words and decided to live in words again, so that all the feelings would bloom in the words.

At that time, I waited for a light in the ink painting, planted clouds and months in the words, planted flowers and grass in the picture scroll, listened to the flower language, twisted the poetic finger, and gently relaxed the simple and pure happiness in our eyes.

At that time, our affection was the blooming of trees and trees, each of which was filled with my previous expectations. Every leaf was blown by the breeze, swaying with colorful dreams, which was the Tuoling I hung up with my own hands. Every wisp of sunny scent is warm in my mood, which is the warm sweet I can’t let go of in this life.

At that time, our mutual knowledge was that Xiaomeng had no way and the drizzle asked Xianyang. At that time, our mutual understanding was only when we frowned but went to our hearts.

At that time, the posture of overlooking was very beautiful. At that time, I collected your cloud and water zen heart and Geniss talent in a green lamp and slept with me every night. At that time, my heart was extremely clear. Jade was surrounded by a snow lotus, which was moved and cherished. In my heart, you are an invulnerable Misty Poem. Those chapters with dreams romantic my colorful seasons.

[3] sunshine and rain

The sunshine is so fresh that it overlaps with dew. On the treetops of time, the stone has beautiful flowers, waiting for whom to pick?

In the morning, a crisp bird song woke me up from the fluffy dream. You asked the bird to send me a kind greeting: shake hands with you this morning.

At dusk, a light sunset glow saved me from the tired wind. You let yuner bring me a clear wish: Use this dusk to give you peace.

Delicate touch, sweet aftertaste, crazy chewing, and tranquil intoxication. In my eyes, an infinite beauty suddenly emerged in my heart. The fragrance scattered in the wind fragrant the expectation of the heart.

The most beautiful memories in life are always those green and faint memories. Flowers bloom and fall, which is a kind of perfection. Time, like a stream, flows slowly. Memory, like a season of flowers, is leisurely and open. The beauty of a tree blooming, growing in the sun, is full of the poetry of life.

Listening to a song quietly, the memories folded into a leaf sail, sailing in the vast sea of Hearts. Those past events flowed into a river of years, singing the charming thoughts lightly and peering into sunshine and rain all the way. Is that a lotus-like heart? Write down a heart dripping with dew casually. After the vicissitudes of the sea, it is pure and gentle, calm and distant.

I never need to think of you. You will never forget me. Even though memories are blown to the end by the wind of time, some fairy tales only have illusory outlines, but the warmth in the bottom of my heart has always been there.

Time passes through the words, filled with wisps of fragrance and fresh memories, branded into the track of years, leaving kisses of sunshine and rain.

I took a cup of time thinking in a piece of incense, and the memory like spring water was filled with an inch of Buddha light. I suddenly felt that the skin of my heart moistened in sincerity. Smile, deep in the heart.

Pure White memory, sent away the East River water. Pure white love, clear and sincere, the fragrance of time.

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