I am the silent red candle

The Moss question Wall, the grass and trees are depressed, the insects are called birds, and the raindrops drain. Suddenly, this waiting has passed one year after another. Spring is late and early summer is coming. I am still the red candle waiting for you quietly.

On a dim night, you prepare lessons at your desk. The room is full of your air. The dedicated affection makes people intoxicated when they see it. I will wait beside you, even if the lights are dazzling, as long as I can raise a little candle for you, I will wait silently. With you, I will jump up the candle of happiness.

In the hot and cold winter, you ride your bike back and forth between the school and the dormitory in order that the flowers of the motherland can bloom brightly. I am waiting for you, worrying about your hard work, making that silent red candle, hoping that candlelight can relieve your fatigue. As long as you can hold my tiny candle while busy, and make me warm, I would like to burn for you in this life.

Occasionally, when you come back from entertainment, you are full of alcohol. Seeing your top-heavy look, my heart is full of care. However, I can only burn silently on your bedside, watching your tired snoring and keeping you sleeping for a night. As long as you open your eyes, you can be full of energy, I am enough.

You said, if you want to leave Xinjiang, we will spend our whole life in the future. I am delighted to find any information I can and hope that you can have a good job. I just think that even if it is only a tiny red candle, it can shine a little light for you, let you see the direction of the future and find the way forward, I am too tired to light a candle.

However, one day, she walked into my sight with your long hair fluttering. You gently took him into her arms. She smiled so happily and you hugged each other so sweetly. As a result, Candlewick burned out and disappeared. I, full of paper, broke my heart and sang to the moon. Who did I complain?

You don’t know, every day and night, missing an inch by inch tearing my heart. Only I know that the real pain belongs to me, and it is all I suddenly remembered when I was sound of silence.

In love, burning the heart is the most bitter and painful, from the surface to the inside, hurt the bones, and then to the tendons, until the heart is burned, everything is over. It turned out that I just spent a dream on the Water Moon mirror and gave myself a beautiful dream. After all, you are the tenderness that I cannot touch in this life, but I am greedy and obsessed, and love is pure. Maybe this is my destiny.

Love you is the pain I can’t bear most, the most beautiful mistake in this life, the endless thoughts, the attachment that is hard to give up in my life, and in an instant, sincere wish broken to the ground.

Lovesickness tears, far away from the world, let me look through my eyes. In this life, you have failed my attachment. Heartless red candle, glaring blood candle tears, sprinkling candlestick, and fragments of heart fragrance bloom into a flower of despair.

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